Disinfection agents



Presidio MEDICO chirurgico REG. MIN. Della Salute N ° 15446

Bakterio disinfectant is specially formulated to provide a broad and pervasive bactericidal activity combined with strong action deodorant and detergent. Its high antimicrobial activity is synergistic ratio of the active ingredient with additives.

Multi Activ.


Disinfectant Spray

Sanitec Multi Activ. Degreaser and disinfectant based on alcohol- ready to use. Exclusive formula with two active antibacterial component (quaternary ammonium salts and Diclosan) guarantees the removal of micro-organisms, bacteria and odors from all treated surfaces. The presence of two active antibacterial components prevents habituation (resistance) bacteria, and therefore does not require alternate use of more detergent.



Fragrant antibacterial detergent

Fragrant detergent with two active antibacterial components, quaternary ammonium salts and Diclosan. Expressed degreasing capability and broad-spectrum bactericide. It leaves a pleasant scent in the rooms. The presence of two active antibacterial components prevents habituation of bacteria and therefore does not require the use of more detergents alternately.



Antibacterial, germicidal agent

SANIMED concentrated, odorless disinfecting detergent with two antibacterial active ingredient: quaternary ammonium salt 10% and Diclosan, thus ensuring vigorous bactericidal, germicidal and fungicidal activity. The presence of 2 antibacterial active substances prevent the occurrence of bacterial resistance so it is not necessary to use more alternative detergent. Recommended for H.A.C.C.P plans.